About LiveBetting.nz

Sportsbetting is an age old activity in New Zealand and all across the globe. Betting on sporting events, races and just about everything you can imagine is a popular pastime for so many. With online betting the industry has grown even bigger and as a wider audience can be reached, an increasing number of punters are wagering at their leisure. With mobile betting now an option a whole new breed of punter has been born and when live betting is added to the mix it’s easy to see why New Zealand-friendly sportsbooks are so sought after.

LiveBetting.nz has been created to fill a niche in the NZ betting arena and to assist all bettors, whether new or seasoned, in finding the best betting sites online. It’s our aim to promote only the very best bookmakers and to assist punters in finding a site that suits them, and that offers an exceptional all-round betting experience that’s unbeaten elsewhere.

Real Time Betting Online

Thanks to the internet and a myriad of technological developments that have occurred over the last few years being able to indulge in live betting is now very much a reality. With live betting you can wager in real time on a race or sports match that’s currently taking place, and with odds that are constantly updating and new lines becoming available all the time, it offers a heightened sense of excitement to all who partake.

It’s vitally important that when you indulge in live betting that you do so with a sportsbooks that’s reliable, trustworthy and reputable. The lines and odds change so rapidly it can be hard to keep track, so you’ll need to trust the site you wager with implicitly. With the sportsbooks we promote you can rest assured that fair wagering is always on offer and you can indulge in live betting with complete peace of mind.

Choosing the Top NZ Sportsbooks for Live Betting

Every year the competition between online sportsbooks heats up as more and more sites open their doors. At LiveBetting.nz we take the time to assess all the reputable, reliable licensed sites that welcome New Zealand punters and we put them to the test to see what they have to offer. Our team of local NZ reviewers has drawn up a comprehensive list of what criteria an elite betting site should meet, and only the sportsbooks with high scores make it on to our list.

Just some of the criteria that a sportsbook must meet before making it on to our site include offering  a vast selection of betting markets and lines to suit all budgets, extensive bonuses and promotions, easy sign up, safe banking and user friendly interface and navigation and customer support that’s always available. The sportsbooks that we are prepared to back must offer a superior betting experience and the live betting options must also be plentiful and varied.

Live betting, just like mobile betting, looks set to become even more poplar in the years to come, and in an effort to keep you punting at the top sites we’ll always bring you the latest news and reviews. If you would like to get in touch please send us an email, we’re always keen to hear from New Zealanders who have found our site helpful.