How To Place NZ Live Rugby Bets Online 2024

The excitement and thrill of a good rugby match can only be heightened when you have a little money relying on the outcome, and this is a fact many dedicated New Zealand punters will be happy to tell you about. Whether it is a union code game or one following those of the league, rugby betting provides an adrenaline rush that is hard to beat, especially with a team as impressive as the New Zealand All Blacks taking part.

As well as live betting options that get the New Zealand punter right into the heart of the unfolding action in real time, the most popular rugby betting options are fixed odds betting, futures or outright bets, prop bets, and over under.

Live Rugby Betting Sites

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Handicap betting is another great live rugby betting option, and its goal is to level the team seen to be less likely to win by assigning them a certain amount of goals, or points, before the game begins. For example, in a rugby match between the All Blacks and the Springboks, the Springboks may be given points before the kick off. If they are given 12 points before the game has begun, the All Blacks begin with negative 12, and the All Blacks would need to win by at least 13 points for them to be seen as the victors for the game. The bet on the Springboks winning will stand if the All Blacks fail to capture a lead of 13 points. This can make for some nail biting moments during the game, and has you glued to the edge of your seat right until the last moment of play is completed.

Half time full time rugby betting is concerned with which team is in the lead at these times, and, because fortunes can change in a matter of seconds, this bet can either win or lose quite spectacularly. This is a great option to take advantage of during live rugby matches as well, as you can capitalise on the mistakes and moments of glory all of the players are prey to as they occur.

Rugby Betting Wildly Popular Worldwide

Pick a regular season winner or grand final winner during the Super League, and take the excitement of your bets and the game you love to new heights during the World Cup. You will be joined in the live rugby betting action by punters from all around the world, and you can significantly enhance your enjoyment of the game in this manner.

Choosing a NZ Sportsbook for Rugby Betting with

We offer you ratings and reviews for the very best New Zealand bookmakers offering live rugby betting action online, and make sure you are privy to all the best welcoming bonuses, free bets, markets, odds and prices you need. Make use of sports betting guides and detailed information on players and teams to ensure your bets are successful more often than not, and take your love of the game up to new heights. The best way for the average New Zealander to participate in this sport that is almost a national pastime is by laying wagers on the outcomes, and you can do so right now and quite profitably too, when you open a free NZ online betting account today.