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Soccer betting is by far the most popular form of internet betting online worldwide, and New Zealand’s punters are enjoying their part of the action as well. The fact that the games are played by so many countries around the world, all in different time zones, with various seasons applying from country to country and the leagues inside those countries means that there is almost certainly a match happening somewhere on the globe that you can take part in whenever you wish. Live soccer betting options for this game are extraordinary opportunities as well, as so much can happen in a matter of seconds, and you can enjoy watching the game unfold before you and make some money of your real time reactions while you are at it.

New Zealand’s punters will be able to choose from over a hundred soccer betting markets during the bigger matches, and often more than 30 for the smaller games taking place.

Live Soccer Betting Sites

TOP live soccer betting SITESJune 2024
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3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to see promotions Bet now

You can cover your bases with the double chance bet, which allows New Zealand punters to combine the win and draw options for their team during a 90 minute soccer match. High low goals are a great choice too, and allow bettors to place soccer bets on more or less than a predefined number of goals scored. If the number has been set at two and a half goals, for example, you will be soccer betting on the final goal count being either over or under this amount in order to win.

Live betting options allow you to lay soccer bets on the result of the soccer match as it is taking place, and are a great opportunity for you hedge your soccer bets. Perhaps you missed the lead up to the game, and were unable to place the bet you would have like to before play began, or you made a mistake with your pregame wager and would like a chance to modify it when you see how it is unfolding. Heighten any time spent watching a soccer match with live soccer betting options, and enjoy your game that much more when you do.

Soccer Bets in NZ

With scores and scores of supposedly legitimate NZ sportsbooks popping up every minute of every day, it can be very difficult for the average New Zealander to actually find a place to play that he or she feels safe and comfortable with. After all, the majority of ordinary New Zealanders have neither the time nor the necessary means to investigate every aspect of every sportsbook that seems interesting. Luckily, we do.

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We offer you a choice of the cream of the crop of NZ online betting sites extending soccer betting opportunities to New Zealand punters, and, when you make a selection from what is available here, you can be sure your personal and financial details are completely protected, the soccer betting you are enjoying is sanctioned, and the best welcoming deals, markets, odds and prices are all available for you as well. Sign up for a free account today, using the ratings and reviews we supply, and start soccer betting at once!